Cleaning & Detailing

Please see our cleaning and detailing packages below. Except where stated otherwise, all are available as a mobile service at your site. All cleans and details include a free mechanical inspection.

Full Clean (€40)

A complete once-over both exterior and interior.

Deep Clean (€60)

Intensive clean of bodywork, glass, wheels, dash, seats, carpets and linings.

Light Detail (€90)

Deep Clean plus a light polish and wax.

Full Detail (€160)

A complete clean both inside and out, including engine bay and undercarriage, followed by restorative treatment of paintwork, trim, glass, plastics, controls fabrics and leather.

Special Detail (€240)

A four stage paintwork clean followed by a full polish, treatment of mild and moderate scratches, and hand waxing. Deep interior clean and treatment, including console interiors. Lubrication of moving parts and minor fixes inclusive.

Special Detail needs to be performed at our site. Transport is available free of charge within the Cómpeta area.

Bespoke Services

We can quote for bespoke work with no call-out charge for the Cómpeta area.